July 16, 2024
The Rustic Cinnamon And Oil Candle You Can Make Yourself

To begin, we recommend getting 32-ounce size data sgp mason jars like these from Target. You’ll need tap water, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, pinecones, vegetable oil, an optional essential oil, and a floating wick. Fill your mason jar halfway with water then start adding a pinecone (or a large piece of one), orange slices, and cinnamon sticks. You want to find a balance — don’t overcrowd the jar with ingredients but don’t underdo it either. Add more water if needed, leaving a couple of inches of room at the top. Top off the water with a quarter inch layer of sunflower, canola, or light-colored olive oil. Adding five or six drops of an essential oil will make this even cozier. For this design, consider using cinnamon oil. Finally, place a floating wick in the oil (we like these on Amazon) and light it.

There are all kinds of oil candles you can create with these instructions. You might use whole mini tangerines or small limes with bunches of pine needles and scent it with orange essential oil. Or, you might fill one jar with only bright red holly berries and their distinctive pointy leaves and add the warmth and comfort of vanilla essential oil. Consider a jar with nothing but polished rose quartz crystals and rose essential oil. Or, you might keep a mason jar with miniature candy canes and peppermint essential oil to freshen the bathroom. The possibilities are seemingly endless.