July 16, 2024
The Simple Tip You Need For Long-Lasting Wooden Furniture

If you’re ready to refurbish your wooden furniture, you will link slot gacor need to first sand it down before treating the wood with linseed oil. That’s because you need to remove any stains, varnishes, polyurethanes, or lacquers covering the raw wood so you can saturate it with the oil. If there is a barrier on top, it won’t give you your desired results. Remove any coatings using 120-grit sandpaper, and then wipe off the dust using a slightly damp cloth. You want to ensure you have a clean surface sans any debris before applying your oil finish. 

Put on a pair of gloves and mix a 1:1 blend of boiled linseed oil and turpentine, and apply it to your wood using a rag. You don’t want to be skimpy with this step — you’ll want to add enough oil to saturate the wood and allow it to seep deep into its pores. However, you don’t want to create puddles. Give it a few minutes to sink in, and then wipe off the excess with your cloth. Give it a couple of days to fully dry before using the piece again. If you want to create a hard finish on top, then you will need to layer the linseed a few times over a week. You will need a minimum of three coats in order to create a protective barrier against knicks and dings, allowing each layer to dry for two days before adding another.