July 16, 2024
Think Twice Before Using Paint To Update Quartz Countertops

If your quartz countertops have lost their shine, clean Link Slot the stone to restore its luster. Using warm water and a neutral dishwasher detergent, wipe down the counters with a non-abrasive sponge. Are you struggling to remove stains or a hazy layer on the stone? Look for products made specifically for deep cleaning quartz. Once you’ve cleaned them, you can elect to resurface quartz counters to remove damages like chips and permanent stains. This process requires special skills and equipment, so you should leave it to the professionals. You can expect to invest between $5 and $25 per square foot to resurface quartz.

If you’ve set your sights on achieving a brand new look for your countertops, consider selling the old quartz and putting that money towards new materials. Other homeowners interested in renovating their houses will often buy used countertops. When going this route, ensure you provide accurate measurements, mention any imperfections, and where in the home they were located. While you probably won’t get the price you bought it at, quartz counters in good condition can still fetch a pretty penny.